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Acrobat Reader for PDF Files

Our design data sheets and other documents are available online as Adobe Acrobat PDF files, which you can view, save and print if you have the Acrobat Reader plugin installed in your browser. If you don't have the reader installed, read on.

Comprehensive Download and Installation Instructions for Acrobat Reader

You can download Acrobat Reader by going to the Adobe Acrobat download page where there are instructions for downloading the Acrobat Reader.

Click here to go there.

Once you have downloaded the file you will then need to
  • minimise your browser
  • install Acrobat by finding where on your hard disk you have saved the file and double clicking on it to run the installation program
  • follow the instructions as they apppear on screen
  • when the installation is finished restore your browser and return to the page with the pdf file on it by using your browser's Back button.
Once you have the Acrobat Reader installed you can view any .pdf file without needing to leave your browser, just by clicking on the document name.