Eugene Goosens Hall
ABC Headquarters - Ultimo

The Australian Broadcasting Corporation headquarters building in Ultimo, Sydney, is perhaps one of the more important structures to be built in recent times. Design for acoustics is evident everywhere, both to produce the highest possible standard of broadcasting and recording and to achieve a noise and vibration-free environment.

Within the building complex is the rehearsal hall designed as the home for the Sydney Symphony Orchestra as well as a performance and recording chamber.

The rehearsal hall measuring 31m x 22m and standing 13m high is constructed as a "box within a box' with the innder box isolated from the outer. Totally built using acoustically designed precast structural tee elements, the double box consists of 79 vertical elements and 21 inner and outer roof elements of mass up to 38 tonnnes all interconnected to form monolithic diaphragms and shear walls.

Due to lack of space to manoeuvre lifting equipment, special lifting and erection apparatus was custom designed to work within the structure.

Concrete Institute of Australia Excellence in Concrete Entry 1991