Georges River Bridge
M5 Motorway

Comprisedtotally of precast prestressed concrete, the seven span, 288m long bridge superstructure utilised six spans of 36m super-Ts, and the 56m span over water was achieved by a combination of precast double cantilevered beams from support piers and adrop-in supertess with halving joints each end. Two spans were stretched to 44m by additional post tensioning.

Spanning across the Georges River, the main southern railway line, a secondary road and unstable soil parkland, the use of super-Ts provided a most satisfactory solution to this bride construction. In total SCI manufactured 63 super-Ts each over 60 tonnes mass, 14 double cantilevered custom designed girders up to 2.4m deep and 20m span together with permanent formwork slabs and traffic kerbs at the longitudinal edge.