Iron Cove Bus Lane
Rozelle, Sydney

The project involved refurbishment of the dedicated bus lane on the 420m long, heritage listed Iron Cove bridge using precast concrete for the entire deck. The head contractor's winning design was an alternative to the RTA conforming tender requirement. SCI was chosen as project partner of first choice based on its long history of being able to supply on time and within budget, large, heavy and geometrically complex shapes that are dimensionally accurate and conforming to contract specifications with extremely tight construction time constraints.

61 No. precast segmental match-cast double-T elements each of mass 26 tonnes were manufactured at the SCI Teralba precasting factory and erected into position from a 100m long dumb barge using a 300 tonne barge mounted crane.

During a time slot of 11 days over the 2004 Christmas/ New Year break, all 61 units were placed, epoxy jointed and then post-tensioned into 8 continuous spans of nominally 8m segments.