M5 East Viaducy, Mascot - Sydney

All precast bridgeworks for the M5-East motorway was constructed by SCI at its Teralba plant. The project comprised two major viaducts, four single span bridges and three large ramp structures

General Holmes Drive Viaduct, 600 metres long, included 118 large Super-T's with spans of up to 35 metres, while the Eve Street Viaduct, 300 metres long, comprised 98 large Super-T girders. Both viaducts contained extremely complex 3-dimensional geometry dictating a need for halving joints at girder ends, variable span lengths, variable end skew angles, and for two spans, sloping soffits to the girders. The geometry resulted in every girder being unique. Despite the complexity and uniqueness of all girders, and daily requirements for mould changes, SCI maintained it's 24 hour manufacturing cycle, producing 20 girders each week for the project

One of the ramp structures was constructed below sea level and for this, special high performance concrete was developed by SCI's engineers to meet the very stringent electrical resistance durability test for concrete in a marine environment

The high capacity output at Teralba ensured early completion for the head contractor of all the structures