Life Sciences Building
University of Newcastle

The newly completed award winning Life Sciences Building on the University of Newcastle campus has been constructed to house research and teaching laboratories with lecture theatres and other specialist operations within the faculty schools of medical and biological sciences

Architecturally, precast concrete allowed a full expression of the building structure. Its precision and high quality finish encouraged its exposure in all areas of the building. The Building, in its simplicity and 'rawness' of materials, contrasts with the high technology of the research functions undertaken

The difficulties of the site, its narrowness and steepness, dictated the elevated and cantilevered structure inherent in the building today. A need to construct the building in the most efficient manner suggested utilising precast concrete. In its final form, the building was constructed entirely from precast concrete structural elements Construction of this building pushed the limits of what can be achieved with concrete. Through close tolerance precasting of these major structural elements and the repeated provision of surface finishes of the highest achievable level, a unique building with outstanding design and construction qualities has been achieved

Concrete Institute of Australia Excellence in Concrete Winner 2001 - for details of CIA entry in .pdf format, click here

For details of FIB International Award Osaka Japan click here