Radar Tower
Sydney Airport

The radar tower built entirely of factory produced precast concrete is a structure consisting of nine cylindrical shaft elements each 3.18m in diameter and 2.44m high. Atop the shaft is mounted a complex chamber and platform structure also of precast concrete which houses and supports the rotating antenna.

The precast concrete structure is vertically prestressed to moment capacity foundations using large diameter stressbar within minimum clearance ducts positioned within concrete cross sections. Each shaft segment weighs 11 tonnes whilst the upper chamber consisting of a central core with integral wing walls, floor, roof and stairway weighs 30 tonnes. On completion of stressing, the elliptical access platform was intimately connected to the chamber. Through the use of off-white cement and special moulding techniques a superb surface finish is exhibited on this structure.

Concrete Institute of Australia Excellence in Concrete Entry 1995 - for details of CIA entry in .pdf format, click here