Runway End Safety Area
Sydney Airport

The Runway End Safety Area (RESA) was constructed at the western end of Sydney Airport’s Runway 25 in 2009. RESA’a are cleared ground areas located at the ends of international airports. They are intended to minimise the harm to passengers in the unlikely event that an aircraft overruns or lands short of a runway. These complex works took a year and a half to complete.

There is not a lot to see – only a paved and concreted area of flat space. Most of the impressive work is below the surface of the ground.

Spanning the M5 East Tunnel and Sydney’s largest sewer culvert, the RESA was constructed on a series of land bridges, making it Australia’s first suspended concrete RESA deck. The deck was formed fully using SCI custom designed super heavy load capacity PSC planks and modified Super-t girders. In total 704 major precast prestressed planks and girders were manufactured by SCI at its Teralba plant.