Shared Path
M7 Motorway

The Westlink M7 Motorway, which opened in December 2005, has along its length a combined pedestrian and cycleway that runs approximately parallel with the motorway route. This route is known as the "Shared Path".

Where the shared path traverses wetlands, the environmental design required minimal interference to and impact on the wetlands, thereby assuring the long-term survival of fauna and flora in the wetlands. This was achieved by spanning across wetland areas with special bridge elements that had extensive flange penetrations through which rain and sunlight could penetrate to the environment below. The spans used was 5, 10, 15 and 20m units.

Precast, prestressed concrete double-T beams of highly complex shape and fine tolerance to ensure fit, was the solution. Although, on the surface this work looked to be routine in nature, the precasting of these elements was among the most technically challenging in execution that SCI has performed in its nearly 30 years in business. The project was a stunning success.