Spillway Bridge
Warragamba Dam

The Warragamba Dam Auxiliary Spillway has been designed to protect the existing 1950s gravity dam against damage or possible failure during flood events significantly larger than those anticipated by the original designers

Construction of earthworks for the spillway project commenced in 1999 and the project was completed early in 2002. Major structural civil works included construction of the concrete spillway and two concrete bridge structures utilising SCI Super-T girders in the superstructure. The Spillway bridge consists of 5 spans each 39.2m on centres and the low level Valve House Road bridge is also of 5 spans but with a variable deck width and a very steep longitudinal gradient

Significant challenges were required to be overcome in bringing this project to completion whilst working within the confines of an extremely sensitive site in respect of the many environmental restrictions. This project will significantly improve the functionality of this most important piece of infrastructure