Weakleys Drive Interchanget
New England Highway Beresfield

The Weakleys Drive Interchange near Beresfield west of Newcastle, NSW involved the elevation of the New England Highway over the intersection with Weakleys Drive to provide reduced traffic congestion and increased safety for motorists.

A part of the associated infrastructure includes tunnels connecting the plant to marine intake and discharge structures up to 1.2 km out to sea.

The bridge was constructed as a 61 metre single span utilising precast prestressed concrete. Five precast bulb-T girders comprised the bridge cross section. Each span was manufactured by Structural Concrete Industries at its Teralba pre-casting plant in approximately 20 metre section lengths with a depth of 2700mm. Each span comprising three sections were supported on temporary towers until stressed together to form the 61 metre post-tensioned girder.

Each 80 tonne precast segment was manufactured by SCI and transported under escort to the site. The interchange was completed in 2009.