Victorian Desalination Plant
Wonthaggi Victoria

The Victorian Desalination Plant is currently under construction on the Bass coast near Wonthaggi, in south-eastern Victoria and is scheduled for completion in 2012.

Associated infrastructure includes two tunnels connecting the plant to marine intake and discharge structures up to 1.2 km out to sea.

The tunnels have been excavated 4.46 metres in diameter using two tunnel boring machines (TBM). As the TBM’s advance, the excavation is lined with precast concrete tunnel liner segments to form a water-tight structure with internal diameter 4.0 metres.

The lining is comprised of rings each 1.5m long and consists of six interlocking segments per ring. In total 10,842 segments were required at a casting rate of 84 segments per day. This concentrated level of manufacture was achieved by SCI using its specially designed, fully mechanised, computer controlled segment manufacturing carousel. The segments were manufactured in this all-weather facility using state-of-the-art concrete technology combining steel fibre reinforced concrete, intense compaction and steam curing in order to comply with the very stringent concrete specification for a Classification C marine durability environment and a 100 year design life.